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Equine Free Lease/Donation

One frequently asked question is which breed of horse makes the best horse for equine assisted services. The answer is that it’s not the breed so much as the heart of the horse. The horse herd at CKRH currently represents 12 different breeds. 

What are we currently looking for?  CKRH is looking for large ponies and shorter horses, ideally between 13.0 - 16.0 hands, to be used in MOUNTED therapeutic riding lessons.  Horses stocky enough to support riders of all ages and sizes with a healthy but wide base.  Calm, gentle, and curious temperaments are ideal for interacting with participants in activities both mounted and unmounted. Horses MUST be 100% sound at all three gaites (walk, trot, canter) ideally between the ages of 12 and 18 years old, although all ages above 7 are considered. Training in disciplines such as hunter jumpers, dressage, western pleasure, natural horsemanship, cattle work, mounted games, and more can lead to wonderful therapeutic riding mounts.  Gaited horses are considered on a case by case basis, laregly dependent on the needs of the program at the time of application.

Think you have a horse appropriate for therapeutic riding?  Fill out the trial horse application linked below and a member of our equine team will get back to you as soon as possible regarding your application.  If appropriate, they will arrange an appointment for a visit and trial ride of the horse at its home farm.  If deemed an appropriate prospect for CKRH usage and an opening in the herd is available, the horse will then come to CKRH's facility for a 90-day trial in which the horse will go through a quarantine process, be introduced to the program's training techniques, and participate in a variety of mock scenarios with staff and volunteers.  During the 90-day trial period, CKRH staff will determine if the horse will fit into the needs CKRH has at the time and the horse will either enter the program as an official free-lease or be returned to the owners.  If space is unavailable at the time but CKRH considers the horse an appropriate prospect for services, our equine team maintains a wait list of potential horses.

CKRH is proud to receive assistance from the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and the Thoroughbred Charities of America for the care of our off the track Thoroughbreds. After their racing careers, these Thoroughbreds still have a will to work and a desire to feel needed. A second career as an equine assisted services horse provides the stimulation they need as they develop relationships with their clients. In many ways, Equine Assisted Services benefit the Thoroughbreds just as much as the people they help. 

*CKRH is currently accepting applications for free-lease horses only. Due to the size of our permanent herd and needs as a non-profit, we prefer horses to have a retirement home to return to once their career as a therapy horse is over.


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