Hay Crew

Qualifications Required:
  • Qualifications Required:
  • Reliable attendance during assigned feeding times
  • Previous horse experience
  • Minimum age of sixteen; fourteen if volunteering with parent on same hay crew shift
  • Ability to identify a horse in distress
  • Ability to administer feed, supplements and medications as prescribed by Equine Director
  • Ability to lift weight equivalent to hay bales and water buckets
  • Ability to adapt to change and patience
  • To feed, hay and water each horse according to feed chart instructions
  • To provide minor medical treatment prescribed by Equine Director as needed
  • To evaluate each horse for injury, illness or loose shoes during your shift
  • To assess status of paddock fencing for adequate horse security.
  • To check water systems to ensure proper operation
  • To lead horses to and from the pastures as needed
  • To clean stalls
  • To clean feed tubs and water buckets
  • To maintain order/cleanliness of barn aisles, feed room and wash room

Contact Information:

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Lexington, KY 40583
Phone:859.231.7066 | Fax: 859.252.5016
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