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Program Fund Donations

A donation to the program helps us maintain the therapeutic equine services offered to individuals with disabilities and diverse needs.  Please click here to learn more about our program services.

Our program needs are continual; our beloved equine therapists need daily care along with all of the other necessary expenses needed to operate and elevate the level of services we provide.  Minimal donations of $10.00 please.

Annual Fund Donations

A single sign of progress in one participant is what drives CKRH. It could be from a military veteran who finally leaves his house for the first time in years, from a small child who sits upright for the first time ever on a horse, or from a non-verbal child who volunteers an “I love you” to her horse. Imagine the possibilities with these initial steps. 

We are forever indebted to the community that helped us build our impressive facility at the Kentucky Horse Park. However, perception is not reality in our case. We still need your help! Your gift can change someone’s life. Our Board of Directors and staff truly believe in our mission, and we invite you to participate in the continued support of our program by making a gift to our Annual Fund.

Naming opportunities are available; please contact the program directly for additional information (859)231-7066. Gifts made in honor or in memory of are also available, please contact Pat Kline. Email

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