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Breed - Quarter/Walking Horse Cross

Color - Palomino

Sex - Gelding

Height - 14.3

Foaled  -  1988









Sandy, a palomino Quarter Horse and Tennessee Walking Horse cross, is graciously leased to CKRH by his riding partner of many years, Kelly Stephens. He was her all-around horse and well-loved riding buddy. Kelly wanted to share this special horse with the riders here at CKRH, so Sandy joined the team in October 2008.

Sandy loves people and is quick to greet the folks that visit his pasture. He has also been known to follow the equine
manager around his pasture seeking to find as much attention as he can get.

Sandy has a “been-there-done-that” kind of easy going attitude and is always willing and ready to go.


Sandy Sandy
Sandy sandy

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