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Breed - Quarter Horse

Color - Chestnut

Sex - Gelding

Height - 15.2

Foaled  -  1989






Not many people know it, but Red has the bloodlines of a top-notch American Quarter Horse racehorse. He is a double-bred Dash for Cash, and Dash for Cash was one of the greatest Quarter Horse racehorses in the United States. But, luckily for CKRH, Red ended up walking calmly and quietly around its arena at the Kentucky Horse Park instead of galloping at top speed around a racetrack! He was bred in Louisiana and spent his younger years being ridden on Thoroughbred farms in the south.About six years ago, Jeanne Cox-Owens, general manager of Cobra Farm, put the word out to other farm managers that she was on the lookout for a suitable trail horse for guests to ride around the farm on Newtown Pike. I needed a really safe horse for the farm owner’s grandchildren to ride, explains Jeanne. Red’s name came up so Jeanne went to have a look. He was reliable and quiet from the start, says Jeanne. Red became a babysitter for ex-racehorses that returned to the farm for re-schooling. The sturdy chestnut gelding lived with the young Thoroughbreds out in the field and he seemed to have a calming influence on the energetic colts and fillies. When Jeanne learned that CKRH needed some medium-sized horses for its program, she immediately thought of Red. I knew that he was great around kids, so I knew that he’d be right for the program, says Jeanne. So, Red made the five-minute journey from Cobra Farm to the Kentucky Horse Park and today he is used in both the hippotherapy program and in therapeutic riding.



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