Remembering Nugget

by Sue Blake


Registered as "Foxy's Win A Wolf', we knew him s "Nugget", who passed away in July 2004.

Mr. And Mrs. Wayne Sterling found Nugget in Louisville when they were searching for a good trail horse. Nugget was 12 at the time and proved to be the perfect western pleasure horse for their family.Nugget

Nugget came to CKRH in 1997 and was an all-round dependable mount for children and adults. Since he was so steady, he was also used for students that were making the transition towards riding independently. Nugget competed in Special Olympics and helped bring home the gold for his riders on many occasions. He also participated in the flag presentation at the High Hope Steeple-chase. In June, he was one of our equines who was featured at the Night of the Stars gala, starring as Seabiscuit.



Nugget was an extremely valuable part of our special herd. He was ridden in both the therapeutic riding program and the hippotherapy program. Nugget was a kind, loving horse who touched many by his calm, steadfast, willing nature. He was loved by many and is missed greatly. We were very fortunate to have him. God bless you Nugget.



Foxy's Win A Wolf (Nugget)
June 1, 1982 - July 11, 2004