(Angels Little Boy Blue)

Breed - Walking Horse

Color - Blue Roan

Sex - Gelding

Height - 14.3

Foaled  -  1977






Before Blue arrived at CKRH in 1993, he had quite a successful showing career in the Tennessee Walking Horse world. The Coburn family acquired him when he was seven years old and both of the Coburn children, P.J. and Angel, showed the flashy blue roan gelding. He was often shown in the Walking Pony Juvenile Class and won blue ribbons at big Walking Horse shows in Burlington, KY, Wilmington, OH, Madison, WI, and Battle Creek, MI.

In 1991, he walked away with the Champion Juvenile Pony title at the Kentucky Celebration in Harrodsburg, KY. That same year he was awarded the Reserve Amateur Specialty Champion in Mason, MI. He was donated to the CKRH program in 1993 and is now a therapeutic riding horse. He is a well-behaved, uncomplicated horse that looks after his riders. Because he is a Walking Horse he is often used to introduce riders to gaited horses. He is a wonderful mount for more advanced riders who aren’t able to handle the up-down motion of the trot. His smooth walking gait is perfect for “pacing” around the obstacle course.

He is always a favorite when ridden in demonstrations for the public, and he is often recognized
and greeted by Tennessee Walking Horse fans who remember him from his showing days..



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