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Name - Annie

Breed - Quarter Horse cross

Color - Strawberry Roan

Sex - Mare

Height - 14.0

Foaled  -  1999

Best Buddy: Ingrid

Career before CKRH: Therapy horse

Owned by: Denise Spittler








Annie did not have the best start in her life, but her story became full of happiness. After being rescued from horrifying neglect, she was nursed back to health and became an equine therapist. Annie accompanied CKRH Program Director Denise Spittler to Kentucky in 2005. At CKRH, she has taught riders at every skill from a slow walk to a canter, though her favorite activity is trail riding. Annie adores modeling costumes, attending special event, being painted and participating in anything where she is the center of attention. In 2015, the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association named Annie the Therapy Animal of the Year.


Annie Annie
Annie Annie


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